Bra Size Calculator

A well-fitted bra is not only important for the right look, but is also crucial is defining your correct posture and lending the needed support. Knowing your correct bra size is the first step towards finding the perfect bra fitting.

Get a measuring tape and make sure you are wearing a well-fitted non-padded bra.

Here’s how to know bra size using bra size calculator–

Calculate band size

    • The tape should be level and snug.
    • Round the number obtained, to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, add 4 inches. If it’s odd, add 5.
    • The sum of this calculation is your band size

Example: 25.6 will round off to 26 Band size – 26 + 4 = 30

Calculate bust size/ cup size

    • Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust
    • Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose and without any falls or twists
    • Round off the number to the nearest whole number.
    • Now, subtract the band size calculated earlier from the bust measurement

Example: Bust = 37 inches, Band = 34 inches, 37 – 34 = 3 inches. That’s a 34C!

  • If the difference between band and bust measurement is 1 then your cup size is A, if the difference is 2 then the cup size will be B so on & so forth

Here’s a detailed Bra Size Chart for Indian body types to help you become sure about your right size –

(In inches)
OVER BUST (In inches)
28 23-24 28-29 29-30 30-31 31-32
30 25-26 30-31 31-32 32-33 33-34
32 27-28 32-33 33-34 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38
34 29-30 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38 38-39 39-40
36 31-32 36-37 37-38 38-39 39-40 40-41 41-42
38 33-34 38-39 39-40 40-41 41-42 42-43 43-44
40 35-36 40-41 41-42 42-43 43-44 44-45 45-46
42 37-38 42-43 43-44 44-45 45-46 46-47 47-48
44 39-40 44-45 45-46 46-47 47-48 48-49 49-50
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* Measurement in inches

Some Words of Wisdom from

  • It is better to check your bra size every 3-6 months
  • Your bra straps shouldn’t be too loose or tight & adjustable to your desired level of elevation.
  • Your cups should properly cover your breasts from front as well as sides.
  • Your bra band & centre gore should rest flat on your body without being too tight.
  • Knowing

    how to measure your bra size

    will only allow you to know your perfect bra size, but understanding which bra type suits your body silhouette the best is also significant. In such a case, take our FIT TEST to pick the most ideal bra for yourself.


5 issues you might face if the bra size is not correct

1. Body Ache

Wearing the wrong bra size can often result in body aches. If the straps are not adjusted properly or are digging into your skin, it is very likely to make you suffer from shoulder pain.

2. Bad Posture

If you notice a curve or arch at your bra band, this means the bra doesn’t fit you properly. It may also result in a hunched back and droopy shoulders. Picking the wrong bra size can totally ruin your body posture.

3. Ill-Fitted Look

Your innerwear is the base to your outerwear. An ill-fitted bra with say loose cups can never give a rounder & fuller shape to your breasts. Or a small bra may flatten your chest making your outerwear look ill-fitted too.

4. Bulges

If the bra cup size is too small for you it will surely cause your breasts tissues to spill out creating unsightly bulges and bumps or even double boob effect. A wrong size or a small size of bra may even result in back bulges that look hideous, especially under fitted clothes. One should always refer to the bra size chart while shopping.

5. Discomfort

If you aren’t comfortable on the inside it will always show on the outside. A bra should never be too loose or too tight. It should be snug enough to keep you at comfort all day long.

Happy Shopping!

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